Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Be Our Guest... Bath.

When looking for a house one of our must have's was two FULL bath's. Well, we almost got it with this house! It looks like a full bath, it feels like a full bath, but it falls short. No shower. Did we think there was a shower with the bathtub? Of course! That's what happens when you look at a house for 30 minutes before you buy, and you peer in the guest bath and go "yup we're good!"

So here's our little tricky bathroom who will be getting a shower put it and a new light fixture so very soon! (Also please excuse the photography - this is the only room in the house with no natural light!)

Got SO excited when I found these towells at Ross! I had been looking for this pattern everywhere! $7 bucks babyyy

Love these little thrift store shelves! The top was $1 and I wanted to keep it in it's natural state, the bottom was $2 and obviously needed to be spray painted silver.

The cabinet's are ancient but they offer abundance storage for our 97 rolls of toilet paper we invested in at Sam's...

Yes this is a pinterest steal and yes it is a fabulous idea for guests to have extras of what they may have forgotten! A little southern hospitality for ya... 

So there it is! Not the most exciting room of the house but when you visit won't you love frequenting our cute little room? :)

Happy Tuesday yall! Christmas is only 49 days away! 

- Hailey

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