Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Fave's is Back!

This is basically just a request from my mom. Yup, she needs a good and solid Christmas list y'all. And so do you right? You know when you were growing up and your friend was having a birthday party so your mom would take you to Toys R Us and say "OK now pick out a gift for little Sally - you have $20!" and of course my response was probably always "So $15 for me and $5 for Sally?" Ya I was smart huh?

So here's my favorite things right now under $20 for the perfect gift for any occasion &  for anyone - even yourself..

Isn't this print darling? It's made by the wonderful Stephanie Creekmur who I totally creep and lust after her etsy shop/blog all the time! A bargain really at $20 for a 11x14 gold foil print... 

If you know me you know I'm slightly obsessed with Kate Spade. Seeing as this tumbler might be the only thing on their website under $20 obviously it's a win. And quite useful! Everyone needs to stay hydrated! For $18 your water will look so much cuter at work :) 

Herringbone Scarf. Target. $19.99. Nuff said. 

Gold monogram mugs, YES

Aren't these mugs darling? It's a twist on their already fabulous monogram mug! Anthropoligie is obviously my favorite store to just spend hours in, and I think they should probably offer tea for me next time in this precious cup while I walk around even though I wont buy anything except the cup since it's all I can afford at $10! 

Wordy trouser socks
I love socks - A LOT. And even though no one can see them with your tall boots on it still makes such a difference in your day if you know you are wearing cute ones. These socks are a STEAL right now at $6.99 at JCrew. Please go buy this for a friend, neighbor, co-worker, stranger - they will love you forever! 

So there we go! Happy mom? It's Friday yall! Have a blessed weekend! 

- Hailey


  1. Thought you might like this since you're a fellow Creekmur fan!

  2. Yes! I saw that on pinterest today!! So cute! Adding that to my xmas list... :)