Friday, January 31, 2014

That Time I Wore My Wedding Dress to Work

Ever thought you would where your wedding dress to work? Well ya me neither. But when someone asks you to put on your dress you paid 139085235 dollars for and only wore once, YOU DO IT. So I did. Slightly reluctantly since it was October and clearly I was pasty. But promises were made my that my face wouldn't be on any marketing collateral! So take a look at the fabulous beyond fabulous stylings of United and Market Street's floral designs and the amazingly talented Marcie Meredith Photography, all filmed at the beautiful Cotton Creek Barn. You can also see Marcie's full spread of the shoot here!

Don't you just want to go out and buy some pretty flowers today? Treat yo self. It's Friday yall!! 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Let There Be A Basket

A little easy DIY project for you today! I have been obsessed with making one of these fabulous basket lights for my office. I love the simplicity of it but yet the industrial modern feel. These below I had pinned on pinterest - one of them even being sold for $135! Goodness me we all know these can be made so here's a little how-to! 

 So below is the materials I used. I found this fabulous basket that was actually made to look aged for $10 at TJ. Seriously the most amazing place to find baskets of any kind! Never have a seen one like this and I've been looking for egg crates for the past year! The light kit is from World Market - also for $10. If your budget is a bit bigger then you can go for the fabulous new Jute Rope Electrical Cord Swag Kit for $35. My plan to DIY the cord is to wrap my own jute around the ugly whiteness.

Did I forget to take a picture of us cutting the hole? Of course I did - so this picture is borrowed from our friends at The Painted Hive! It's so easy to cut the hole with some simple wire cutters, thread the light kit through it and wallah---!!! You have a perfectly wonderful light kit! 

Chuck of course had to check it out to make sure it worked! Now I have it hanging in my precious office at work and it's a great addition to adding warmness to the space! Feels so cozy :) 

What DIY projects did you work on this weekend? Comment below and a happy Monday to you and yours!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Be Our Guest - Room

Well, welcome to our guest room! Aka basically my college bedroom. Being first time little homeowners it wasn't practical to buy a whole bedroom set and new bedding for our guest room so this is the precious little leftovers room. I think I spent a total of $10 on this room since we moved in. But I still love it and hopefully it's a comfy little retreat for our guests! 

Chuck hates empty frames. I love them. They are cheap, easy, and a unique way to decorate a wall. I wanted to have a "gold and silver metallic" theme in this room and these little babies help a lot! 

The bedding - a little Anthropologie set that I had my junior and senior year of college! I still just love all the colorful embroidery that looks modern yet vintage...

The BED- oh the bed. Special back story - my grandparents gave each of their children a beautiful brass bed when they got married as a wedding gift. When Charles and I got married we got to pick out a bed for our bedroom as a wedding gift. My parents just bought (for the first time since they were married 25 years ago) a new bed! So that means we got this fabulous heirloom that you can't even buy at a store anymore. It was so perfect for this room and I love having both our beds in our house from my wonderful grandparents! 

A little tea and reading for when you come to visit! 

This sewing table was my desk last year and now transformed into a little vanity for our guests! Obviously it was spray painted metallic silver and paired with this precious little gold brass vanity stool! 

This little side table was also in my college room and I've loved it since day one! I had it made/painted at a store in Abilene and will have it forever probably, even though Chuck hates it. The lamp - thrift shop find that I spray painted and paired with a little chevron shade (gasp! hailey has chevron in her house!) 

We love our little guest room and when you come visit it's all yours! For now it will constantly be used for housing my 3,895,139 dresses in its closet, and a dumping ground for clean laundry until it can be folded. Oh the life of a barely used guest room. Please come visit!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rotenberry Family Album

Good morning! Welcome back after a long weekend! So below are some pictures by the talented Jennifer Neiland from A Moment in Time Photography. My father-in-law is running for judge of the 326th district court in Abilene and needed some pictures of his fabulous family for some campaign materials! Also this is the first official family photo shoot the Rotenberry's have ever had! (yes even before Anna and I joined!) So it was a special treat and they will be treasured! 

(p.s. it was freezing so that's why we are snuggling in so many of them)

The guest room reveal is up next this week so stay tuned!! 

- Hailey 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Wrapping it Up!

It's day 5 of re-branding! So with any great brand comes great packaging. NOTE: I HAVE NOT FIGURED OUT PACKAGING YET. But we are getting there :) I know what I want them to look like I just haven't quite found all the materials yet. I found these great craft paper boxes and shiny polka dot boxes after x-xmas and thought they were perfect! So I bought all they had at every store. These cute chalkboard tags were in the target dollar section - best place in the world. So on the list for re-branding packaging is the following: 

- Packaging labels 
- Logo stickers 
- gold washi tape
gold and cream twine 
- mini kraft bags for business cards
- name tags
- cute boxes 
- New cute branded thank you cards 
- New business cards 

So get excited person who get's the first completely re-branded Hailey Berry Design Package! 

PS isn't this couple adorable? Shout-out to Adam and Bailey from Keller High! 

Ready to go! 

Guys, it's Friday. Have a wonderful weekend!! Back to home re-branding next week :) 

- Hailey