Monday, July 29, 2013

Cover Our Chairs Contest!

OK so for WEEKS I've been trying to find fabric for these awful micro-fibered-tan-dirty chair seats. We got the set off craigslist and although I love the chairs, I hate the covers. So I need help deciding what fabrics to cover them with! We want to do three different patterns, 2 chairs in each pattern. We've narrowed it down to 6 but now need your help!

In the comment section comment which three numbers we should choose and the person closest to the chosen fabrics will get a fun fabric banner made out of the scraps! These are seen all over Etsy and Pinterest and are great for showers or just fun decoration!

Aqua Flowers, Coral Chevron, White, Gray Damask Rag Cloth Garland Banner Newborn Photography Prop Home Decor Birthday Party

These are the chairs.. (there are 6 total) 

And here is the choices! Comment below with your favorite fabric combo of three and we will announce the winner next Monday August 5th! 

Thanks for the help, can't wait to see the options! 

- Hailey and Charles 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Front Porch Lookin' In

I've traveled here and everywhere
Following my job

I've seen the paintings from the air

Brushed by the hand of God

The mountains and the canyons reach from sea to shining sea

But I can't wait to get back home

To the one he made for me

It's anywhere I'll ever go and everywhere I've been

Nothing takes my breath away
Like my front porch looking in
- Lonestar

Welcome to our front porch! Obviously it's not to perfection yet but it's a start and it makes me happy to walk through the front door everyday (since I can't walk through my kayak packed garage, cough chuck cough). 

 This bench came with the house which was awesome, so I just had to add pillows. Find the chevron one here, and the medallion one here. The side table was a steal for $17 at hobby lobby and the perfect resting place for my summer drink of choice. The wooden bucket was a $3 thrift store find and found out it was a wooden dry measure pail bucket that was used to store sugar, flower or grain, and they go for up to $100 online! I had a cute pink flower in that turquoise pot that I picked up at TJ. It was called a "summer  survivor." I killed it. 

It's all about the little things and one of the reasons I loved the house was this cute little mail box and the newly added on numbers! A little sad I couldn't be all "pinteresty" here but defiantly saved some moneys.

Come on in! The house came with this precious freshly painted red door and we love it! I thought it said "come on in and stay a while". What do you think?

This little gem might be one of my favorite pieces in the whole house. I wish I could take credit and tell you step by step out to make an amazing chalkboard out of a vintage chair back, but I can't. My mother-in-law gifted this to me for my birthday and bought it at a cute little place in Abilene, TX. Perfect color, perfect greeting place. 

This little print was inspired by the wonderful world of Stephanie Creekmur. Please check out her stuff since I can't afford it! This was me printing out a sheet of paper and framing it in a $1 gold frame from Dollar Tree. The vase was $4.99 at TJ and has a funky shape that I love, and the flowers are burlap garden roses from hobby lobby! 

This side table/desk thing was a garage sale find for $10 and painted a light blue/grey color. Sorry I'm not a professional house blogger and can't tell you exactly what paint color, one day, one day. I bought the new knobs at a wholesaler online, similar to these. The basket was a necessity for guests since Ranger's favorite is all shoes, and a steal at 60% off at Hobby Lobby for $10.99. So if you come over this basket is your best friend. Find one similar here.

So that's our entrance! More house pics to come soon!

OH and hey.. tomorrow's Friday :)

- hailey 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Our First Model Gig - A Whimsical Wedding Shoot

This whimsical styled shoot was seriously the coolest thing I think I've ever been a part of. SO much amazing talent all coming together to create this mater piece. Hopefully it will inspire others for their own weddings or parties!

So you ask: How did we get involved? Well our wonderful, WONDERFUL wedding photographer Erin Woosley asked Charles and I if we could model, and of course I jumped at the opportunity knowing what her amazing shoots have looked like before. (Check out some of my favorites here and here, the models are also Siggies - shout out!) Charles was a little more hesitant (actually a lot more hesitant) but my birthday was three days away so I totalllyy pulled the classic bday card. It was well played.

Fun fact about our precious pup Ranger in the shots! We had literally picked him up 4 days before the shoot and so I emailed and asked if we could bring him since we were on our way to Austin from Weatherford, luckily they agreed, and luckily I had already bought that precious blue bow tie!

So clearly these photos aren't any of my doing, just here to share with you. Shout out to these FABULOUS people:

Amanda Marie found @ - Amanda did all the amazing personal styling

Erin Woosley at EE Photography found @ - The photographer!

Sweet Sunday Events found @ - Literally SEWED the umbrellas, pillows, table cloth, made the butterfly backdrop, pretty much everything that wasn't clothes. AMAZING.

So check out their fabulous posts on the shoot, and congrats to all of them for being featured on Green Wedding Shoes Blog! Huge accomplishment. Check out that post here. ALSO make sure you watch the freakin' awesome video that Amanda put together!

Welcome to my favs :) 

Have a FAB Friday! 

 - Hailey 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Toto I Don't Think We're in Texas Anymore!

So last weekend was our first anniversary, so what better way to celebrate than with a trip? I feel like everyone wants to go on a trip for their first anniversary just to get your mind off of not having fun at your wedding and going on a paradise honeymoon like you did last year. Or at least that's one of the reason's I wanted to go on a trip. It was either trip or sit around in 103 degrees dusty Lubbock weather for a weekend. I choose trip. Luckily my sweet hubs even made it a surprise where we were going! Surprises always makes everything more fun right?

So he picks me up from work about 2:00 on Friday afternoon with sonic drink it hand (very smart move on his part), and off we go! When I get in the car he tells me our first stop is Amarillo. Mind you that I've been trying to guess where we are going for weeks at this point so when he says Amarillo about 90% of the cities I was thinking got nocked off the list. Once we got to Amarillo and got another sonic drink (don't judge), he told me our next location was Clinton, Oklahoma. Ever heard of it? Ya well it's about a gas station but it's my maiden name so of course I was excited to have dinner there!
He planned on this little famous spot (here's where the story starts with pictures which is way more fun):

And we ate this: (aka "The Kitchen Sink")

So that was Clinton, Oklahoma. With full bellies we head for our destination. I knew we were headed North East but never did I guess we were going here: 

That's right. Kansas. 

I was as shocked as you. Kansas? Who goes to Kansas? What do you do in Kansas? Who do you know in Kansas? Well of course my sweet hubs had it all planned out! Here it is in more pictures: (I know it's all you want to see)

We stopped at corn fields to take pictures...

We went to a local winery... 

We learned about how wine was made... (and got to sample about 22!)

We sipped on some with cheese...

Then we went to a park to play with this cute little guy...

Then we went to Lindsborg, Kansas aka "Little Sweden USA"...

Then we went to dinner at the tiniest but yummiest Pizza House...

Then we hiked up to a Castle!! 

Then we drove home, stopping at every cute little antique shop that we saw, and with this dude crusin' all over his dad.. (had to show some car pics since we were in it for 23 hours almost!)

And of course had to stop at THE LARGEST MAN DUG WELL IN THE WHOLE WORLD
(with a clever name "Big Well")

Then we came home for presents!! 

AND of course year old cake! (quite yummy, just wish I had a fresh piece along with it) 

And that's our little 48 hour anniversary trip to Kansas! Thanks for reading and see ya next time!

- Hailey 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Workin' for a Grocery Store Chain

May 28th I was blessed to start working at United Supermarkets LLC. here in Lubbock. The company is amazing and everyday I learn more about how the company is driven not only by sales but by serving the community. If you ever been in a United, Market Street, or Amigos store you can tell the difference right off the bat. You are greeted, you are asked if you need help while shopping, you have a friendly chat with the cashier, and then someone takes your groceries out to your car for you and brings the cart back in. Why would you not want that experience? (Look at me being all marketing lady..)

Anyways we do a lot of fun promotions here too and of course fourth of July and summer grilling is a big deal here. Sooo they gave me the U Card. Which basically means that I get to go get groceries, make fun recipes, and send them to our social media guy to put on pinterest, facebook, or the United website! Below is a couple of my first projects...

Grilled Caprese Chicken with Balsamic Drizzle 

The ingredients for a simple and fresh meal! 

Grilling up these bad boys 

Fresh tomato, basil, and Mozzarella Cheese

Finished Product! This recipe is so so easy, healthy and delicious. You just stack all the ingredients up on the chicken, drizzle the balsamic and grill up some asparagus on the side. Nom Nom is right. 

Fourth of July Inspired Sangria  

Fourth of July Fruit Bowl

Yes you've seen it on Pinterest but don't you have to try at least one trendy recipe you see on pinterest right?? 

 A little more fourth of fuly inspiration.. 

Enjoy and have a wonderful Fourth of July! Go America. Until next time, 

- hailey