Sunday, February 14, 2016

There Was A Murder...

Hey guys! Remember that one time I had a blog? Well ya. So this blog was suppose to be my "Let's blog about life, love, parties and house renovations when we move to Lubbock!" and since then it's been a great creative outlet for me in my various jobs I've held since moving here. In May (notice that's when my last post was) I got my DREAM JOB. No but really. I help to plan and host parties at a winery and it's pretty much the best thing ever, but it means lots of late nights, weekends and little time to come home and tell you about all the parties and things going on around here! But there's been a lot and the pictures have been sitting for far too long on this computer so it's time to share. It might be rapid fire or it might be slow coming but I promise I will get them all out here in the near future! Mainly because this started as a house blog I'm really really excited to share with you the largest renovation we've done yet! So hold tight and it the meantime check out our "Murder Mystery Dinner Party!"

You know how everyone secretly really wants to get dressed up for Halloween but as an adult you think "maybe I shouldn't be wearing wigs and tights anymore"? So we thought a fun way to dress up for a practical reason would be to host a murder mystery dinner party. AND BOY WAS IT THE BEST. We had so much fun reading our scripts and dining on our 5 course meal! It was so fun to host and it will definitely not be the last murder at The Rotenberry house!

(best picture of the night...)