Thursday, October 24, 2013

We Are Falling Over Here...

A little late on this post but I just couldn't resist posting our home filled with fall happiness! Fall is by far my favorite season and of course pumpkins are one of God's most precious creation. Not only are they cute, can be decorated, but they go into my mother-in-laws pumpkin muffins which has some Jesus sprinkles in them - goodness they are good. Eating one while typing this appropriately. Also drinking hot tea which is another fave that comes with the crisp air of fall! 

My Fall Faves:

1. Pumpkins
2. Candied Caramel Pecan Candles 
3. Pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING 
4. Sweaters 
5. Hot Tea 
6. My Anthro Boots 
7. Soups 
8. Not having to shave 
9. Halloween Parties
10. Thinking about Christmas 

Please go buy this candle. It's $5 at Walmart. It is magic and you won't go back to your $35 candle. When you do try it and fall in love with the smell of your home please send me a text about how awesome I am for suggesting it! 

It's all about the fall porch! 

That cute little bucket is suppose to have wheat in it but Chuck hasn't picked any yet :( 

Yes that is a brass leaf dish that I found for $4 at a thrift store a few weeks ago. Isn't it darling?

This is a mercury glass pumpkin. Yes I found it for $8 at TJ last year and almost had a heart attack - it almost was too perfect. 

That's if for now folks! Happy Fall to you and yours and may your days be filled with pumpkin picking, hayrides and the sweet smell of October! 

- Hailey 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Fiesta Bachelorette!

It's another Party! Yes I was blessed to help plan/organize/decorate/invite-make two parties last weekend! Such a blast showering one of my best friends in the whole world! 

Look for the invite soon in my etsy shop! 

It's not a fiesta bachelorette without a sombrero veil! 

Love you Abby! Can't wait until December 20th to get you hitched!! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mom's Groovy 60's Birthday Bash

This year we wanted to celebrate mom with a big surprise party - so after thrifting and planning for months here's the big event! It was a blast (from the past)!

Surprise! This is your party! Now you have to change... 

 Then go see Dad's outfit...

We love you mom! Hope you had a great time!! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Remembering Southern Abode

A little back story for ya.. last year when Chuck was applying for med schools and taking a few classes he needed something else to do doing the day, so I suggested painting furniture. I have no idea why I suggested it and was shocked when he actually thought it was something he would enjoy. So we started frequenting local thrift stores and scouring craigslist for diamonds in the rough to paint up and then sell again on Craigslist for a profit. It made me giddy seeing him get excited about painting shabby chic furniture and the day he asked ME to go to Hobby Lobby, well I about fainted. My husband was an aspiring med school student by day and a shabby chic furniture maker by night. He painted out of our garage for months, and we were actually selling so many pieces that we decided to get a booth at an antique mall. We called the booth "Southern Abode" and my mom made cute little things to go along with the furniture. Here's a couple pics of the booth, it changed so much!

Yes we even sold a cast iron tub for some friends. It was awesome. So moving here to Lubbock obviously we had to shut down the booth which was sad but hopefully maybe we can start one up here as well! It was so fun and making custom pieces for people who were so excited was really fulfilling. So below are some of my all time favorite paint jobs, hope you enjoy and maybe find some inspiration! 

This buffet I almost cried when we had to sell it, I wanted to keep it so bad! I loved the decision to keep the drawers the natural wood color, take off the doors and have it open up. It also had an awesome mirror backing to it too! 

This desk was one of our first projects and our all time biggest profit maker - we bought it for $25 and sold it for $275 - we went to dinner that night to celebrate :) 

I loved this mid-century desk and almost didn't want to paint it but it turned out really great! Loved the two-toned and the chair was so cute! (excuse the chevron) 

OK all mid century lovers please excuse this paint job. Looking back I should have just striped and restained and made it awesome and retro. But we were going for the shabby chic look and I really did love how it turned out! This was our second project ever and you have no idea how badly I wanted to keep it. I begged and begged but we just didn't have the space, even in our house we don't! But it's sitting happily in a baby girl's room right now (the customers sent us a pic!) and I'd like to think she will grow up with it and treasure it forever. 

This was a custom job! we found this awesome dresser for a great price and the customer picked out this color and we loved out she wanted to keep the original hardware! 

So that's it for Southern Abode. It will live in our hearts forever and I will probably even post more projects at some point just for sentimental memories. Hope you and yours finds something that you enjoy to do together like we found in painting shabby chic furniture :) 

- Hailey