Thursday, May 31, 2018

21st Century Snail Mail

I love some good snail mail. Opening up your mailbox to see something addressed to you in handwriting - there's just something so invigorating! Sometimes it's from Grandma (with money!) or sometimes a wedding invite, or maybe just a sweet thank you note from a friend. SO many reasons to still take the time to hand address and write a letter to send in the mail.

Although I am a big proponent seeing as that I design stationary and invites - there is an occasion that email invites work best and showers are one of those reasons. Although a hand mailed invite is special - below are just a few reasons why I'm a huge advocate for email invites:

1. Save time.
2. Save (A LOT) of money.
3. Email reminders prior to the event.
4. Direct links to registries.
5. Easy and organized RSVP list.

Paperless Post reached out about this post and I immediately jumped on board seeing as that I had a couple of showers coming up that this would be perfect for! A sprinkle for sweet little Anne Hollis is below and of course I still had to design my own invite but they have SO many designer invites to choose from if you aren't a designer!

See below for the quick and easy process!

First - the invite. For a sweet southern girl peaches was the natural choice for the shower theme! I loved this suite on Etsy that is even called "Peachy Keen" that I had used for a previous wedding invite and then I incorporated these fun watercolor peaches that tied in perfectly!

Next came uploading the file - they have the option to design your own, pick out a already made style and edit it or upload your own complete file which was simple and easy! The colors were a bit off when I first uploaded which really worried me but once I "previewed" it they were back to normal. Just make sure you are uploading the right resolution!

Next, pick out the envelope you want to send it in - this is where it gets so fun and easy! Matching envelopes are hard to find and they had the perfect color peach! 

Then came the liner! I didn't know this was an option and I was so excited to find a liner that looked like it matched the invite perfectly!! 

Next the stamp! Another pleasant surprise that you can customize the stamp - something I love to do when sending snail mail as well. I searched "baby" and found several cute options and settled on the cute little pink rattle. This is also the stage that you can pick out the font and color of the text as well. 

Next you can preview how the whole thing looks together. It also gives you the option to "send to yourself" for free which I elected to do so that I could get the full experience before sending to all of my guest for a finally spell check etc. 

SO cute right?! AND EASY. 

Now came the invites - there are several options that for next time I will be glad to know. If you have a correctly formatted excel sheet you can directly upload it (so much time save vs. hand writing envelopes!) or if you were like me and just had names and emails you can easily just copy and paste into their system. 

After double checking I had anyone I was ready to send! The great thing to is that I can always go back and invite more if mom thinks of more names - where if you print you might only have so many invites on hand. 

Once sent I almost immediately got RSVP's and the guests that can't make it could RSVP with a reason why they couldn't come which was really nice as well. 

Well that's it - I'm a Paperless Post fan for life and for a busy mom-to-be this will be my new go-to for sprinkles, birthday parties, family get togethers and more! 

*This post was sponsored by Paperless Post.