Friday, June 27, 2014

Everyday Dinner Dishes

It's day 3 of china week! For all those newly married or even married for 30 years - how much do you really use your china? I know it's not even "trendy" to register for china anymore and the only reason I chose to is because I found this fabulous collection that was not only affordable but I knew I would be able to use it in everyday, casual settings. Wednesday I used my CRU dinnerware china for a causal picnic and today I wanted to show how I use it mixed in with my everyday dishes! Since Charles and I have moved/going to move around so much in the first 10 years of our marriage we wanted something simple and affordable that if we accidentally smashed all of them we wouldn't cry too hard about it. So our dishes are the in-house line at Bed Bath & Beyond and I paired it with my CRU Lauderdale salad plate for a casual dinner at home!

Thanks for stopping by! CRU just announced today that they will be having a sale event at Joss & Main on June 9th-July 2nd! I'm so excited and you should be too :) 

Happy Friday and thanks for stopping by for China Week! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Blues

And I'll say it again.. Happy China Week! This post is one of my favorite's in a while, and I just love any excuse to use my china - especially on such a beautiful day outside! As I mentioned Monday I wanted to figure out different ways other than a just a fancy dinner party to use my CRU china collection. Can you get more casual than an outdoor picnic? We've used our picnic table so much recently and I've been dying to take my china out there! (Just had to keep Ranger inside!)

So I love blue. A lot. Every time I see something in TJMAXX that's blue I have to buy it. Blue vase at a garage sale? Yes please. Recently I posted about painting our rickety old picnic table a bright turquoise, and to compliment it in the back yard I found two fabulously wonderful retro metal chairs for $30 on craigslist. Seriously the steal of the summer!  So in the theme of "blues" and "china" I give you a "Summer Blues" (with a hint of hot pink) picnic with my CRU Lauderdale Collection china - which is still 10% off!

Let me know what you think and different ideas you have for using your own china for more casual settings! 

Click here for more information about the Family & Friends CRU Summer Extravaganza while you still have time! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy China Week!

Happy Monday and happy China Week! This upcoming weekend Charles and I are celebrating our 2nd anniversary, and as you may know the modern 2 year anniversary gift is china. If you know me or have ever read this blog you know I love themes (A LOT)  so of course last year I decided I wanted to follow the traditional or modern gift/theme for our anniversaries. SO when the fabulous designer of my wedding china approached me to post about their upcoming summer sale I thought it was a perfect "theme" for this week's posts!

Below is three of my favorite (and fabulously affordable) collections that Darbie Angell designed for her CRU Dinnerware line, and a little bit about Darbie herself!


After studying design and growing up in a family that loved to entertain it was only natural for Darbie to blend her two passions. Her goal is for you to not only see, but feel the excitement and obsession that went into the sophisticated designs when you entertain with her dinnerware. You will without a doubt feel her drive to have artistic sophistication in each of the pieces that will be placed on your table and have a sense of the pride and passion that she gives in each piece. While other companies dabble the Retailers floors in Creme’s and Whites Darbie strives to offer Luxurious Metals and Vibrant Colors that will give a Luxe feel to any Tabletop setting. She wants you to feel as if you were decorating your Tablescape with Art. Many of the Collections are hand painted Gold and Platinum which makes it that Art piece and steers away from the Mass Produced pieces that most companies offer. She gets most of her inspiration from travels that she discovers different art pieces, architectural designs and magnificent scenery.
Design is my passion and knowledge, 

Darbie Angell

Lauderdale Collection

Get away from ordinary dining with dreamy Lauderdale dinnerware. Shimmering Platinum dots and bands contrast swaths of Sea Blue in fuss-free, dishwasher-safe Porcelain inspired by a favorite Floridian retreat.

black pearl COLLECTION

We take the formality out of Fine China with Black Pearl dinnerware. Platinum-Banded dots add whimsical flair and a touch of shine to elegant White Porcelain designed for dishwasher use.


The Monaco displays a thick band of Platinum on a white plate. Designer Darbie Angell says, “The champagne flutes and tumblers that I designed were given a nautical expression to portray the feeling of wealth that you experience when you arrive in Monaco. Monaco is one of the largest yachting capitals in the world, and I wanted this collection to look like it would fit on any of the massive yachts”.

Click here to see more of CRU china and to learn more about their mission to give back.
Click here to see prices and to order your own collection! - All collections are 10% off until June 25th!

So GET EXCITED for more post's this week on how I use by favorite CRU china! 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Time is Project Time!

Good morning! Guess what? Summer Chuck is here! Which means project time! Chuck's last day of school was Friday he went strait to work Monday working on a big house project we are so excited about! Working on taking lots of pictures and I hope you enjoy at least these four little sneak peaks of four different areas of the house we are currently working on! 

Can't wait to post pictures of all the completed projects! And to finally have all the tools picked up :)