Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It's Going to be a Picnic

So I've been looking tirelessly for months and months for a patio set. I get on craiglist everyday just hoping that there would be the most glorious set that day just for me. Well it hasn't happened. They are either too big, too rotten, or too expensive. Until Friday. I always send my more serious finds to Chuck and I almost always get a no reply - but this day, I got a yes. To a picnic table! For 35 bucks - ya. So we are now the proud owners of a gloriously old and awesome picnic table. Ever since we brought it home I've been dreaming of ways to paint, stencil, decorate around it, the whimsical evening dinners we shall have on it, and how lovely it will be to have seating not only for 2-4 but up to 10 in our backyard! So check it out and then help me with direction of how to make it fab!

Isn't it darling? It has an original metal green base which is rusted and I love. Also it might need a name. So think on that as well... 

LOVE this color. Obviously, it's already all over my house! 

Love the stenciling on this! Could just do the seats or both... 

Checkers! How fun is that??

Love the painted but still rustic look of this - I want it to be weathered since it is already very old.. 

Love the idea of putting numbers at the seats! The color is too bland but I could do numbers on any color.. 

Love the painted on table runner! But that also means I couldn't always add my own.. 

Obviously I was going to throw in a hot pink options. It probably won't fly with chuck but how clever to just paint the rims and base! 

This is a lighter turquoise which I love... 

Now let's imagine the parties!!! Love the pillows on the seats and all the color! 

Gorgeous lighting and I love the lace on the rustic table.

How beautiful is that table runner and the flowers?? Love the idea of picnic by candlelight.

Perfect right? We are going to put it under our big tree in the back yard and I want lights and latterns and beautiful and romantic elements everywhere! 

So get ready picnic table you are about to be transformed and lots of memories are about to be made with you! 

Have a wonderful Tuesday! 

- Hailey

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