Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thrift Shop Feat

Alright guys time for some thrifting! I was so sad moving to Lubbock from the Metroplex and mighta sorta thrown a fit about leaving all of my most treasured stores. You know when you find that perfect thrift/antique store that you frequent weekly and every time you find something amazing? Well I was leaving 22 years worth of those stores. But with much luck I finally have established some amazing new ones right here in good ol' Lubbock, Texas. So journey with me through some of my favorite finds this last Saturday and some treasures that I got to bring home!

How fabulous is this tea set?? I had it in my hand until I realized they were $25 for each set of 4 - not $25 for all 8 sets which would have been FABULOUS. 

How unique is this side table? Love the vintage luggage and brass look! and it had storage inside! 

If I had room I would have bought this chair in a heart beat. The white linen was so pretty and the coral piping was spot on! I would have taken off the skirt and exposed the wooden legs and used it at a vanity or desk! 

This hanging light might look a little dull in the picture but in person it was so fab. What drew it to me was the three lights in the middle bunched together and that fabulous etched laurel! So fun in an entry way or corner. 

Goodness would I have loved to re-do this cabinet. How much fun is all of that hand-carved goodness? It would have been a beat to paint but in a fun coral or white it would have been a eye-catcher for sure!

OK so now to the items I could actually afford :) 

So if you saw the dining room re-do I have a bookshelf that I am wanting to fill with all shades of blue and green books so one my fav stores sells them for .25 cents and they always have new ones to choose from! 

This lighting fixture was $12 and I've been looking for a new one to trade for the awful awful racetrack lighting that we have now. See here. So I'm going for a modern barn look in the bathroom and eventually want to have rustic wood around the mirror and wanted some barn looking lighting and I thought this was the perfect mix for modern and rustic. And I found in online at Lowes for normally $98! 

You all know I'm obsessed with brass right now. Why? I have no idea. But this bowl called my name and for only $2 the possibilities are endless! Right now it holds pumpkins, it's about to hold ornaments, and it's future is bright 

I've also started to collect brass candlesticks. You can find them for as low as 50 cents and my dream is to do something like this on the fireplace mantel.. 

Gorgeous huh? So I need a lot more candlesticks! Good thing I found my stores :) 

Also mixed in was the huge frame for $5 which I can never ever pass up a giant frame for that cheap, and a lampshade for $3 for my office re-do! 

That's it for thrifting today folks, and if it wasn't going to be 20 degrees and possible snow on Saturday I would be at it again. Stay tuned for the next Saturday Thrift Day! 

- Hailey

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