Friday, May 3, 2013

Welcome to our new little home! We are so excited to get in and make it our own! (And add a yard since apparently those don't come in Lubbock) 

The story of finding 5315:

I think we set a record on March 29th for how many houses toured in one day. 24 to be exact. Starting at 10 am our gracious relator drove us around all four corners of Lubbock (because in case you didn't know it's basically a square) searching for house to fit us for the next four years while my sweet husband is in medical school.

As per suggested and after watching WAY to many HGTV shows, we had our "list" but of course that was thrown out the window pretty fast when we saw what was available in our tiny budget and a tiny West Texas town. Our list was pretty much narrowed down to: 3 bed/ 2 bath, good shape, and in a sellable neighborhood. Sounds like a short list huh? Well little did we know how hard it might be to just tackle the basics, looking past the taped up windows, dogs chained to patios, and even hogs in the backyard (no joke). 

By the end of the day they were all mixing together and we couldn't remember one house from another. Luckily we had little nicknames for the ones we kinda liked, and one of my favorite we dubbed "midget counter house" since the kitchen counter is litterly built for no one taller that about 4"10. 

Exhausted and frustrated after the day of searching we went home to discuss the possibilities, me trying to push the idea of a "cute house" out of my mind, and settle for one that we could work on, reminding myself that it's not my "dream house" or our "forever home." 

The next day I asked my friend Tara to drive us back to the "midget counter house" to see where it was locationally from Tech. We soon found out her house was 5 houses down. 7 minutes from Tech. 3 minutes from the mall. And 30 seconds from a Sonic. I was sold. And the fact that it was yellow, which is of course my favorite color (WSL). So we called that day and after a month of waiting it's finally ours! It's perfect inside and I will post pictures soon so I can gather plenty of public insights on how to decorate, design, and especially what to do about the midget counter! 

- Hailey