Friday, November 15, 2013

Triple, Triple, Toil and Trouble

Happy late Hallows Eve! We had a fabulously fun party at our house on Halloween with our small group that included skeleton cookies, a dog in panties, turquoise skeletons, glitter-fying pumpkins and a BIG reveal that I have been waiting anxiously to share!!!

Ranger was Nacho LABre this year! He loved his red underpants :) 

Sarah glittering her pumpkin up! 

Jenny with her cute lace and gold tack pumpkin! 

All the gals! 

And now for the reveal :) Our new and lovely friend Tania and Brady have been trying for years to have a little one. We have been praying since we moved here and met them and they have had an amazing support team that has been surrounding them through this. They announced to us in a very clever and fun way that they are having... 


                         Please notice the crying ^^^^

                                                                                                                            Please notice this^^^

A high-five for Brady :) ^^^

 Hugs all around!! 

She's so much prettier crying with a uni... 

Isn't she going to be the cutest triplet mom EVER?????

And now we are planning the reveal party to find out what these lil' pumpkins are!!! Get ready!!! 

Love you Tania and Brady! 

- Hailey

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