Friday, January 17, 2014

Wrapping it Up!

It's day 5 of re-branding! So with any great brand comes great packaging. NOTE: I HAVE NOT FIGURED OUT PACKAGING YET. But we are getting there :) I know what I want them to look like I just haven't quite found all the materials yet. I found these great craft paper boxes and shiny polka dot boxes after x-xmas and thought they were perfect! So I bought all they had at every store. These cute chalkboard tags were in the target dollar section - best place in the world. So on the list for re-branding packaging is the following: 

- Packaging labels 
- Logo stickers 
- gold washi tape
gold and cream twine 
- mini kraft bags for business cards
- name tags
- cute boxes 
- New cute branded thank you cards 
- New business cards 

So get excited person who get's the first completely re-branded Hailey Berry Design Package! 

PS isn't this couple adorable? Shout-out to Adam and Bailey from Keller High! 

Ready to go! 

Guys, it's Friday. Have a wonderful weekend!! Back to home re-branding next week :) 

- Hailey 

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