Thursday, January 16, 2014

Oh Goodness Gracious!

So yesterday I posted some of the new prints in my Etsy shop - precious right? Well even more precious is my mother's emailed response. Please read below, suggest some of your own "Southern sayings" in the comments, and check out some of the new invites/cards!


I've been known to adopt the following' southern sayings in my vernacular:

bless her heart/ bless it/God bless
Lord have mercy
Fit to be tied
Sweetie pie , honey bunch ,and you little cutie pie
Two peas in a pod
Well, I never
I do declare
That's a hoot
For cryin' outloud
I'm fixin to
Oh my goodness gracious
Lord willin'
hissy fit/ about to have a kanipshun
hold your horses
Have you lost your ever-loving mind?
doo-wa ditty
goodness knows
til' kingdom come

 and my personal fave….thank you, Jesus

I do declare, oh goodness gracious, and Lord have mercy!….these are all the southernisms  I can muster up right now, seeing as how I'm about to have a kanipshun over something to occupy my time right here and now.  For cry in' out loud, I've lost my ever-loving mind….. I'd be a mind to have a hissy fit over the flat tire I had today, but the sun is shining and I do declare it makes me feel like belting out a doo-wa ditty!! Goodness knows I didn't need to fork over 971 dollars on tires today,bless my heart.  Randy,my sweetie pie, came to change  the tire for me in our alleyway, God love him.  I was fit to be tied when I had to miss my exercise class to tarry over to Discount Tire.  (Well,I never!!)   My new little cutie-pie friend, Bryan, got me all fixed up and ready to go.  Lord willin,  these new tires will last til' kingdom come. Thank you, Jesus.


(if you couldn't tell this is how she told me she had a flat tire) 

It's almost Friday yall! Thanks for stopping by for day 4 of re-branding! 

- Hailey 

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