Thursday, January 23, 2014

Be Our Guest - Room

Well, welcome to our guest room! Aka basically my college bedroom. Being first time little homeowners it wasn't practical to buy a whole bedroom set and new bedding for our guest room so this is the precious little leftovers room. I think I spent a total of $10 on this room since we moved in. But I still love it and hopefully it's a comfy little retreat for our guests! 

Chuck hates empty frames. I love them. They are cheap, easy, and a unique way to decorate a wall. I wanted to have a "gold and silver metallic" theme in this room and these little babies help a lot! 

The bedding - a little Anthropologie set that I had my junior and senior year of college! I still just love all the colorful embroidery that looks modern yet vintage...

The BED- oh the bed. Special back story - my grandparents gave each of their children a beautiful brass bed when they got married as a wedding gift. When Charles and I got married we got to pick out a bed for our bedroom as a wedding gift. My parents just bought (for the first time since they were married 25 years ago) a new bed! So that means we got this fabulous heirloom that you can't even buy at a store anymore. It was so perfect for this room and I love having both our beds in our house from my wonderful grandparents! 

A little tea and reading for when you come to visit! 

This sewing table was my desk last year and now transformed into a little vanity for our guests! Obviously it was spray painted metallic silver and paired with this precious little gold brass vanity stool! 

This little side table was also in my college room and I've loved it since day one! I had it made/painted at a store in Abilene and will have it forever probably, even though Chuck hates it. The lamp - thrift shop find that I spray painted and paired with a little chevron shade (gasp! hailey has chevron in her house!) 

We love our little guest room and when you come visit it's all yours! For now it will constantly be used for housing my 3,895,139 dresses in its closet, and a dumping ground for clean laundry until it can be folded. Oh the life of a barely used guest room. Please come visit!

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