Monday, January 13, 2014

Branding Hailey Berry Design - New Year New Look

Alright folks here it is! For months now I've struggled with not having a "brand identity" for this blog, for my etsy shop, just in life. As a ad/pr major who runs a small business I was breaking a lot of fundamental rules and creating a definite brand look was a must. So I started with inspiration from brands I loved, colors that made me happy, and fonts that made me want to type all day. I researched popular brands, scowered etsy and pinterest, and finally started creating what is now Hailey Berry Design. This little shop is my creative outlet, my "go-to" stress reliever, and genuinely makes me so excited to help design paper goods that make people happy.

I might be slightly obsessed with this new look and rightfully so, I put long hours and lots of outside advice/suggestions into this and I am finally ecstatic about how it turned out and to share it with you. I feel so proud of it, and mostly because I was able to do it all on my own. There are thousands of companies that will "help" you with your brand, there are even etsy sellers who will charge you $500 for a branding "concept." Obviously I can't afford anything close to that and even more honestly I don't think that anyone else could have captured all the ideas in my head for what I wanted it to be.

It's not perfect and will probably still change slightly with trends and new findings but for now it's exactly what I needed for my little shop. It helped completely re-invent every item in my shop and create the "cohesive" look that all brands desperately need. It will help me create future projects, designs, invites and personalized stationary. There's lots ahead in 2014 and so excited to see what's in store for Hailey Berry Design!

Stay tuned this week for daily posts of new designs and fun happenings with the new brand! 

Happy Monday! 

- Hailey 

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