Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Little Shop Makeover!

Oh Etsy. When I discovered Etsy I was a sophomore in college, and the online craft market had been open for 4 years and growing every day. Growing up Mom and I would frequent craft fairs, thrift stores and antique shops as often as we could, and still do to this day. So imagine my excitement when I found out I could do all that shopping ONLINE. It was unthinkable. 

I got so wrapped up looking at gorgeous handmade jewelry, stationary, and little thrift items that were photographed so beautifully I was willing to pay more than $1 just to have that treasure someone found in Wyoming in my own room. Also sophomore year I started to take some design classes in school and really found a passion for "digital scrap booking." Sounds dumb but growing up I also scrap booked like no one's business. I might have 20+ scrapbooks hiding out at my parents house with hundreds of pages filled with thousands of pictures, each layout perfectly designed and decorated. So to my amazement digitally scrap booking is cheaper, easier, faster, and I don't burn myself on the hot glue gun quite as much. So junior and senior year I learned even more about design, deciding that I was going to create my own wedding stationary end of my senior year. It was so fun and really loved that it was exactly how I wanted it to look. I got so many compliments and people started asking me to do their wedding stationary. So fall of 2012 I opened my very own Etsy shop and titled it "Pure Parchement". 

After a year of designing countless invites, cards, and prints for family, friends and strangers, with a hundred different colors, dozens of different fonts and patterns, here we are today with a look all my own. So if you read yesterday's post you know that I announced my new branding board and logo. Really the whole point of re-branding was to make my Etsy shop cohesive and really define my designs. It is so SO helpful to have guidelines when designing or you will have designs over in the far left field. Many of the designs now in my shop were a simple upgrade to the new branding and color palette, but some of them are brand spankin' new and are some of my new favorites! I will share more specific designs tomorrow and Wednesday but today check out the shop view, take a visit, and let me know what you think!  

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Follow this link to go check the shop out yourself! https://www.etsy.com/shop/HaileyBerryDesign

Thanks for stopping by and staying awhile! 

- Hailey 

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