Friday, August 2, 2013

This Will Floor You!

Our floors are done! Our floors are done! (Insert happy dance here.) Such an exciting phrase I thought would never be uttered! When we found our house we walk in and see cream carpet, cream walls, white cabinets, white baseboards, white fireplace... basically a boring blank slate. This was a good thing, but we definitely had to make some changes! So weeks before we moved in we decided that we wanted to replace the carpet and put in laminate flooring. We also decided that we were going to do it ourselves. Awesome decision right? Well, it um, saved some money!

We got to Lubbock May 27th, I started work May 28th, Chuck and his wonderful mother started the floors May 28th. It was an eventful week! They worked so hard for 3 days/nights strait and got them all installed while sleeping on blow up mattresses and with a broken air conditioner. Well then the baseboards were slanted, another project for another day. Oh and the tile was broken, another project for another day. Happy to say two months later we are all done and it looks SOO good!! Here's some documentation of this finally successful project which made our house feel like a home (and was a lifesaver for a certain potty training puppy!)

New but bland carpet that was all over the house... (PS if you ever replace your carpet donate it to your local Habitat for Humanity Re-store!)

Found this beautiful laminate tile underneath the carpet :) Also please note how tiny and cute Ranger is.

Chuck putting in the final piece!!! 

They made a great team! 

These two projects made such an incredible difference. I would have never thought about replacing that baseboards but they look amazing and really make the room feel nicer and the ceilings taller - All for about $100. Fixing the tile was so much easier that I would have imagined and makes our kitchen look so much bigger! It's all about the little things people :) 

Happy Friday to all and remember to please vote for your favorite fabrics to recover our chairs with so I can post my new dining room photos and you can WIN a scrap banner! Go here to vote on the post, winners will be announced Monday! 

- Hailey 

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