Friday, August 16, 2013

A Little Couch and a Lot of DVR

"Just give me a comfortable couch, a dog, 
a good book, and a man" 

We really like TV. I mean like maybe an obsessive amount. So clearly our living room is the most important room in our house. We spend a lot of evenings watching a few of our faves: Scandal, Rizolli and Isles, Parks and Rec, Pretty Little Liars (Chuck won't claim this but secretly he loves it), Duck Dynasty, Gold Rush, Bones, Castle, Royal Pains, anything on the Travel, Food or HGTV channels, and the list goes on and on. OH and we got Netflix this summer. Dangerous people, very dangerous. 

Let us welcome you to our living room! We tried to make it cute and cozy, in the pursuit of having guests join us. So come on in and take a seat! 

Again, floors make all the difference huh? Love our big sliding doors for all that light! 

Love me some over sized clocks and letters. The R was a recent find at one of my favorite Lubbock stores where they have metal letters and numbers in all sized and colors.. this isn't even the biggest! The suitcases were an amazingly antique free find in an old apartment we were cleaning out for a charity, I really want to have them appraised one day, and the teal vase was a goodwill grab for $5! 

Meet my brass little deer baby. This guy was an accident, my accident I mean I apparently bid on his .99 cent price tag on ebay and ended up winning him. So he went to live in this wonderful Pottery Barn lantern vase for now. Anyone else loving brass animals right now?

This trunk is possibly one of my favorite items in my house. Both this fan and trunk came from the same antique mall hunt one day and they just look so precious together. The all original trunk was a steal at $45 and the fan at $10. The books are vintage painting books that were a free find at a retirement home garage sale we ran! 

This dresser is my love. I bought it my sophomore year in college for $50 bucks off a Siggie sister and have loved it ever since. It held my clothes for 2 years and now our TV for over a year. I usually paint furniture, and I've considered it for years but I love it so much as is I can't touch it yet. Isn't the hardware amazing? You can't buy that stuff. Also please please ignore those ugly black boxes. Can't think of a way to hide them yet, if anyone has suggestions send them my way!!

Ladder: Homegoods find 
Blankets: Brookstone NAP blankets - only the softest and most amazing things in the whole wide world. They are a constant hug. Gross fact: the cream one I've had since I was 17 and I've never washed it in fear of it not being soft anymore. I'd rather be comfy and germy that clean and not comfy apparently. Don't judge, just go buy one. 

Couch: A wedding gift from Chuck's parents from Weir's in Southlake. It's a bed too! Yay! 
Rug: Registry blessing from Target
Ottoman: Pottery Barn Outlet find for $100 - score! 
Pillows: Coral from Dillards and Ikat from Homegoods 

Love this little mag basket for $15 at World Market

Chair: My fav, Chuck's least fav. But a steal at my favorite thrift store in NRH for $50 brand new during my sophomore year of college. 
Pillow: $8 during spring clearance at Hobby Lobby! 

On our coffee table: Our Pic albums and The Knot Texas one of our wedding pictures is featured in! Usually at least 5 water battles and lipton green tea bottles are gracing this table as well... aren't I sweet for cleaning up for you? :) 

Welcome to the Rotenberry shrine. You have free reign to judge here but ya know I paid a butt-ton for these pictures and I just think they should be shown somewhere. So ya. Here they are! I told my photographer (she took all these) that this was the "Erin Shrine" so shout-out to the amazing Erin Woosley for capturing the Rotenberry family thus far! 

So now that you've seen the living room the invitation is out, come on over anytime, we have plenty on our DVR :) 

 Happy weekend! 

- Hailey 

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