Thursday, August 8, 2013

Craigslist Lusts and Fails: Take One

 Charles and I love Craigslist. We've made friends through Craigslist. We've never been raped or robbed because of Craigslist. 

Craigslist is one of the greatest internet inventions because you can literally thrift shop online. Yes I do buy a lot of furniture pieces off craigslist, and sell as well, but my favorite is just looking at random cities around the US for fun and random pieces. It's like window shopping at every thrift store across America! 

One of the hardest things about moving to Lubbock from the Metroplex was the tremendous downsizing of my craigslist shopping radius. Yes I miss my family, but I miss my craigslist pretty bad as well. Lubbock is smaller for sure but I have realized recently that it definitely doesn't lack in interesting finds. Fact: Lubbock has one of the most eclectic and random craigslist I've ever seen. SO here's the new game: find the coolest things on the Lubbock Craigslist and maybe some of the worst, and share them for other's imagination and inspiration! 

Craigslist Find #1 - Vintage Mailboxes

I am OBSESSED with these vintage post office mail boxes. This one is a little too high in price for me but I know one day I'll find the perfect one! You can use these for storage, a side table, office decor, or just an awesome statement piece!

Inspirational photo: 

Craigslist Find #2: Vintage Mint and Cream Stove

Isn't this thing precious??? Oh how I wish I had the space even for a cute storage piece. The colors are so amazing and it looks like it's in pretty great condition! 

Inspirational Photo:

 Craigslist Find #3: Vintage Carousel Horse

Although on first thought this piece would be amazing at a carnival party or decor for a playroom or little girls room how cool would it be as this??... 

Now that's thinking outside the box!! 

 Craigslist Find #4 - Bamboo and Rattan Bench 

THIS BENCH WAS ONLY $20. Oh my goodness I begged for it so bad but sadly no place in our home (although I would have found something glorious to do with it!) These benches are so hard to find in this condition and would look amazing as-is or spray painted a bright fun color. 

Look! I even found one on Pinterest that looks almost exactly the same! 

Ok now for some random Lubbock craigslist fails! 

Fail #1

Caption: $10 each, (5) yellow chairs. (4) green chairs with Fuzzy Taco tabletops. (2) Long table tops, $150 each. (2) Short table tops, $100 each. Need to sell quickly. Open to bulk offer. Modeling chiweenie dog is not included. (Lol)

Fail #2

Caption: 1960s RARE Pink cast iron tub (4x3.6) and sink(20x18). In great shape and a rare size. $800 OBO

*Please note the word "rare" - "rare" meaning that it's hard to find these because when they are taken out of a home they are THROWN AWAY. 

Fail #3

Caption: Great Comfy couch, can deliver! Taking $60 or best offer.

I love when people really want to show us how great their item is buy offering to pose in the picture. It says "hey look I've sat on this couch outside with my feet up for hours now - come buy it and put it in your home!"

Welp hope that was fun. If you have any craigslist lusts or fails send them my way I'd love to share them! And good luck with your own craigslist adventures!

 Till next time, 

- Hailey 

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