Friday, July 19, 2013

Our First Model Gig - A Whimsical Wedding Shoot

This whimsical styled shoot was seriously the coolest thing I think I've ever been a part of. SO much amazing talent all coming together to create this mater piece. Hopefully it will inspire others for their own weddings or parties!

So you ask: How did we get involved? Well our wonderful, WONDERFUL wedding photographer Erin Woosley asked Charles and I if we could model, and of course I jumped at the opportunity knowing what her amazing shoots have looked like before. (Check out some of my favorites here and here, the models are also Siggies - shout out!) Charles was a little more hesitant (actually a lot more hesitant) but my birthday was three days away so I totalllyy pulled the classic bday card. It was well played.

Fun fact about our precious pup Ranger in the shots! We had literally picked him up 4 days before the shoot and so I emailed and asked if we could bring him since we were on our way to Austin from Weatherford, luckily they agreed, and luckily I had already bought that precious blue bow tie!

So clearly these photos aren't any of my doing, just here to share with you. Shout out to these FABULOUS people:

Amanda Marie found @ - Amanda did all the amazing personal styling

Erin Woosley at EE Photography found @ - The photographer!

Sweet Sunday Events found @ - Literally SEWED the umbrellas, pillows, table cloth, made the butterfly backdrop, pretty much everything that wasn't clothes. AMAZING.

So check out their fabulous posts on the shoot, and congrats to all of them for being featured on Green Wedding Shoes Blog! Huge accomplishment. Check out that post here. ALSO make sure you watch the freakin' awesome video that Amanda put together!

Welcome to my favs :) 

Have a FAB Friday! 

 - Hailey 


  1. Oh you are SO lucky to have gotten to be in one of her shoots! I am so jealous! haha

    1. Thank you! I was seriously over the moon about it!