Friday, July 12, 2013

Toto I Don't Think We're in Texas Anymore!

So last weekend was our first anniversary, so what better way to celebrate than with a trip? I feel like everyone wants to go on a trip for their first anniversary just to get your mind off of not having fun at your wedding and going on a paradise honeymoon like you did last year. Or at least that's one of the reason's I wanted to go on a trip. It was either trip or sit around in 103 degrees dusty Lubbock weather for a weekend. I choose trip. Luckily my sweet hubs even made it a surprise where we were going! Surprises always makes everything more fun right?

So he picks me up from work about 2:00 on Friday afternoon with sonic drink it hand (very smart move on his part), and off we go! When I get in the car he tells me our first stop is Amarillo. Mind you that I've been trying to guess where we are going for weeks at this point so when he says Amarillo about 90% of the cities I was thinking got nocked off the list. Once we got to Amarillo and got another sonic drink (don't judge), he told me our next location was Clinton, Oklahoma. Ever heard of it? Ya well it's about a gas station but it's my maiden name so of course I was excited to have dinner there!
He planned on this little famous spot (here's where the story starts with pictures which is way more fun):

And we ate this: (aka "The Kitchen Sink")

So that was Clinton, Oklahoma. With full bellies we head for our destination. I knew we were headed North East but never did I guess we were going here: 

That's right. Kansas. 

I was as shocked as you. Kansas? Who goes to Kansas? What do you do in Kansas? Who do you know in Kansas? Well of course my sweet hubs had it all planned out! Here it is in more pictures: (I know it's all you want to see)

We stopped at corn fields to take pictures...

We went to a local winery... 

We learned about how wine was made... (and got to sample about 22!)

We sipped on some with cheese...

Then we went to a park to play with this cute little guy...

Then we went to Lindsborg, Kansas aka "Little Sweden USA"...

Then we went to dinner at the tiniest but yummiest Pizza House...

Then we hiked up to a Castle!! 

Then we drove home, stopping at every cute little antique shop that we saw, and with this dude crusin' all over his dad.. (had to show some car pics since we were in it for 23 hours almost!)

And of course had to stop at THE LARGEST MAN DUG WELL IN THE WHOLE WORLD
(with a clever name "Big Well")

Then we came home for presents!! 

AND of course year old cake! (quite yummy, just wish I had a fresh piece along with it) 

And that's our little 48 hour anniversary trip to Kansas! Thanks for reading and see ya next time!

- Hailey 

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