Friday, June 27, 2014

Everyday Dinner Dishes

It's day 3 of china week! For all those newly married or even married for 30 years - how much do you really use your china? I know it's not even "trendy" to register for china anymore and the only reason I chose to is because I found this fabulous collection that was not only affordable but I knew I would be able to use it in everyday, casual settings. Wednesday I used my CRU dinnerware china for a causal picnic and today I wanted to show how I use it mixed in with my everyday dishes! Since Charles and I have moved/going to move around so much in the first 10 years of our marriage we wanted something simple and affordable that if we accidentally smashed all of them we wouldn't cry too hard about it. So our dishes are the in-house line at Bed Bath & Beyond and I paired it with my CRU Lauderdale salad plate for a casual dinner at home!

Thanks for stopping by! CRU just announced today that they will be having a sale event at Joss & Main on June 9th-July 2nd! I'm so excited and you should be too :) 

Happy Friday and thanks for stopping by for China Week! 

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