Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Picnic Time

It's that time of year! Spring is here and we are grearing up for outdoor bbq's, nights at the park, wine on the porch and enjoying the hot days and cool nights while they last. So if you remember this post back in the fall we bought a precious little picnic table for $35 bucks on craigslist. All the wood was in great shape and the iron base was perfectly rusted. Our thought was instead of spending $400 on a patio set this was a cost effective way to seat 8-10 people outside for supper! So finally when I had a Sunday afternoon warm enough it came out of hiding under it's tree and got a $4 make-over! Can't wait to set it up for it's first dinner party...


My all-time favorite spray paint - indoor/outdoor and of course turqouise was my go-to! It adds such a pop of color to our backyard!

This is my best attempt to get a picture without ranger being in it..

Now time for the stripes! I just used duct tape since it sticks better than painter's tape, and some leftover white paint from other project. Note to self: don't let dog outside while you are painting, he might think it's food and start eating it out of the can...

Time for a picnic! 

So of course I finished the table exactly two hours before it started raining for the second time ever in Lubbock, TX. Luckily the paint didn't run.. just a little dirt to wipe off. Excited to use it this weekend for Chuck and Ranger's joint birthday party! (yes you heard right :) ) 

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