Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Puppy Party

Good morning friends! This past weekend we celebrated Chuck's, our friend Ryan, and of course Ranger's first birthday. "Guy" birthday themes are so difficult - it's either beer tasting or bbq. Neither one has cute decorations.. so we went with "puppy" themed.. obviously. If you google "puppy party" apparently it's super trending with 2-5 year olds - so we adapted a bit to make a it a bit more "adult"...

Please don't look at the color of the punch - note to self - don't mix pineapple juice, red koolaid (on accident) and blue color die. Tasted great - just couldn't look at it! 

Our hot dog bar! Favorite's were of course the Chuckle-Pup Dog and the Relish Ryan... 

Long story with the cake. Let's just say we think the last minute brownie dog bones were a huge success :) 

Puppy chow favors for the humans and dog bones for the puppy friends! 

And people SAT AT OUR PICNIC TABLE! I was just way too excited and had to snap some pictures of our inaugural picnic table times. 

Please also disregard that this wife didn't think about buying bday candles - I'm not the first right? And a tea light is like the same thing?

Happy 25th birthday boys! To many more parties and puppies to come! 

(Shout out to David who is probably shrieking for joy that he landed a spot on the infamous Hailey Berry Blog)

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