Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Little Chair, A Lot of Difference

"You can't deny laughter; when it comes, it plops down in your 
favorite chair and stays as long as it wants." 
Stephen King

More chairs on the blog today! I've become slightly obsessed with redoing chairs these days. Mainly because they are so easy to re-do, they make such a difference redone, and they are cheap and easy to find! The two chairs on today's post are recent re-do's, one set for the house, and one set for the office. I just loved how they both turned out!

These bar stool chairs we registered for at Bed Bath and Beyond. Loved the iron look but the seat I had been wanting to re-do since we got them. Same tan microfiberness as the dining chairs if you remember my rant about that. So to Hobby Lobby I went and found this fabulous pattern that makes them look just perfect at our new bar!

My office is pretty much a land of Mahogony furniture. Like maybe 11 pieces of it in one room. So we wanted to spice it up with some new chairs. This last Saturday I found my new all-time favorite thrift store with about 50,000 sq. ft of wonderful things. With a whole room devoted to furniture I surely found me some lovely chairs for $5 each that needed some serious TLC but had huge potential! 

ps. please note that they wrote the price on with sharpie - so wrong. 


But with a good coat of this.. 

This happens! 

Then with some more Hobby Lobby fabric this is the final result! 

Don't they blend in beautifully with the blue carpet? I thought so. 

Well that's it for today folks, hope that you have a wonderful day! 

- Hailey 


  1. Great job girl!! I just got 4 ladder back chairs to fix up but can't decide what to do yet! And I LOVE that script fabric!! Where did you find it??

  2. Thanks Ravanne! It's from hobby lobby in the duck cloth line.. pretty much where I get all my fabric lol. With the 40% off coupon it's so cheap for a really good quality fabric!