Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Green Thumb Try One

Confession: never gardened in my adult life. I was given plants in college.. they would die. Bought a plant for our apartment.. it died. Moved into a house and bought a plant for the porch.. it died. I obviously can't handle plants very well, but my yard is awful and something had to be done! Our yard can't grow grass because of a giant tree in our yard and so until we can afford expensive grass treatment I had to do something to make the front of our house not look like it was an abandoned home. So to Lowes I went. I knew I wanted to do mulch since it was cheap and I wanted to cover up the dirt in the flower bed, so I went strait to the mulch sections. Picked out two bags and threw them in the cart (I was very proud of myself at this point btw) then while loading the 3rd bag I heard a rip. Completely ripped my entire seat of my shorts. Luckily a nice lady was near me that let me show her my rear side to see the damage.. she immediately pulled my shirt down. She had kids. Oops. So after lowering my sling purse and my shirt to cover half of the rip I found the cheapest soil, and then headed to the clearance section of flowers. Don't judge, I'm cheap! And luckily found the most gorgeous plants. So below is the process and for $30 (plus the cost of new shorts) we finally have better curb appeal!

Basket full of goodies! 

 The brand of mulch I used - $4 a bag! 

After the mulch was laid down - took three bags and I spread it out with a rake after leveling the dirt

Found this tub at a neighbors garage sale for 50 cents on Saturday morning. A couple hours later it had a this wonderful flower friend! 

 This vintage milk crate I found at an antique store and had been trying to find a place for it for months. So far it's loving it's new home. Plus the yellow adds great color! 

So I know it's nothing fancy and I am still trying to find more fun and unique containers to put pretty fall flowers in, so it will only continue to improve! Hopefully it won't freeze here soon, and more so, hopefully I will remember to water. Already forgot the past two days. Someone needs to text me every day at 5:30 "water your flowers!" OK? Thanks :) 

Happy Middle of the Week! 

 - Hailey 

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