Wednesday, May 13, 2015

That's What I Like About Chuck

Well hello again! After a (13583 day hiatus) I figured it was time to share some happenings on here! Summer house projects are coming up fast and I'm so excited to get some more rooms finally finished out!

So Chuck's birthday was April 10th and when I asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate he mentioned going somewhere "chill to eat for dinner, any suggestions? Well Dairy Queen of course."

Obviously we weren't "just going to go for dinner" so I did some research and found out that you can have birthday parties at Dairy Queen, complete with the "child's" name  on the marquee, an ice cream cake, and even at some locations games and decor. So I call our local DQ and come to find out - they've never done birthdays. In fact they don't even sell blizzard cakes. How are children in Lubbock suppose to celebrate birthdays without their favorite frozen treat?? Non-comprehendible. So after many talks with the manager about how they "should really start doing parties" he agreed to let me use a portion of the restaurant, purchase vouchers for blizzards, and put the "child's" name on the marquee.

Never-have-I-ever received so many strange looks when I was decorating DQ tables, and explaining to the staff that this was actually for my 26-year-old medical student husband, not a 8 year old child like they assumed.

We had so much fun and afterwards went to a local driving range (hence the "balls" portion on the invite mom). Hope you enjoy Chuck's bday and that you convince your own local DQ manager to let you throw the party of the year!

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