Monday, February 2, 2015

Christmas in ... February?

This was suppose to be a December post. Then it was going to be a January "I still want it to be Christmas" post. Well now it's a February "oops I've been super busy" post.

We had such a good holiday this year. Chuck always has two weeks off and this year since I work for the school I had THE WHOLE WEEK OFF. It was like college again - no worrying about driving places just for a day to say hi and then drive back home. We actually got to sit on couches, laugh with family, eat good food and watch as many Christmas movies as we could fit in (and that we all agreed on). We got to see everyone which is very hard to do these days considering all my cousins are getting older and "doin' their own thing" these days. We got some good Christmas pics in of the house and with the family and if you missed our precious Christmas card it's below too! Enjoy and Merry (suuuuper late) Christmas!

 (someone has a treat that he wants...)

I have some of the prettiest cousins! 

Apparently I'm the only one that got the "funny pic" cue... 

I hope that you and yours had the most wonderful holiday season! 

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