Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Berry Happy Birthday!

Happy Wednesday Friends! So in life and in business it's important to make goals. I pretty much make a different goal everday, even if it's just as trivial as making it to the gym or drinking 3 bottles of water before lunch. Goals help us make our lives more meaningful and encouraging yourself is key to happiness. I encourge myself as much as I can and today more than most. If you don't know I really really really love birthdays. So on my own birthday I build it up for months and months and get super excited. How am I spending it this year? HR trainings. How's my twin spending it? At Sea World with my parents. Adult life is really the worst! I wish him the very best of days even though we have to share it every year :)

So my list of goals for this year is long but a small one I made a few months back was to hit 200 etsy sales by my big day. I am currently at 198 as of this morning and so excited to hopefully reach this goal today! It's these little steps as a small business owner that are so important to help keep momentum going.

So just for my friends here, and to continue my post from Friday, I have created a special coupon for today! With coupon code ABERRYBIRTHDAY you can get 50% off any print in the shop through May 31st. A very happy birthday indeed!

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