Thursday, February 6, 2014

An Etsy Valentine's Day

As you know - I have an etsy shop. I don't think etsy is amazing because I use it for my small business - I think it's amazing because of the incredibly unique items and talent you can find. I am the first one to say that I am no where near having perfected my brand presence on etsy, and what inspires me to get closer to that goal is visiting other shops and seeing how they portray their art and products in such an engaging and interesting way.

 Another reason why I love etsy is that you know the money you are spending is going to a person - a person just like you and me who has a dreams and goals. That person get's excited and jumps for joy every time they make a sale, I know the feeling! And when an etsy product arrives on your doorstep in it's precious hand crafted packaging, you jump for joy too.

So for Valentine's day this year buy something unique, handmade, and from the heart. Check out some of my top etsy Vday gifts below!

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