Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bon Voyage!

A party post! These are some of my favorite to post since all these pictures bring back such fun memories of the time we spent together with friends. This particular party was a mix of emotions for us - our friend Sara just graduated from law school and got a fancy lawyer job, so we were excited to send her and Paul off in style to their new city of Beaumont, but sad that they had to leave us. Since they were moving down south near the bayou a shrimp broil bon voyage was the theme, and boy did we have an interesting time figuring out how to actually throw a shrimp broil! Chuck did a fabulous job though and we even found cajun seasoning made in Beaumont that we used on the broil and packaged up for the favors. My favorite part of the evening was everyone reading off their toast cards and celebrating all the memories and good times we have had with the Normans, what joy they have brought to so many people here in Lubbock.  We love you guys, hope you’re enjoying Beaumont and your precious new house!  

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