Monday, August 18, 2014

National Thrift Shop Day!

Happy Monday! And Happy Belated National Thrift Shop Day! So yesterday was one of my new favorite holidays; National Thrift Shop Day. A day filled with glorious finds and fabulous bargains. If you know me at all you know that thrift shopping is my favorite hobby and if you have read this blog you know that most of the items in my house are from antique or thrift stores. I've been thrifting since I was a little girl and my mother taught me well how to bargain! I just get so excited now when I find the perfect item and get to only pay .75 cents. So today I'm going to share with you my five tips for thrift shopping - hope you enjoy and please share with me your tips or favorite thrift store finds!

Seeing this girl trying on wedding dresses at Goodwill yesterday made my National Thrift Shop Day that much more fabulous! Trying on goofy 80's dresses and "walking down the aisle" is the perfect way to get the full "thrift shop experience!"

Unique pieces are some of the most exciting things to find at a thrift store. When perusing the aisles of your local thrift shop look for something you've never seen before. Like a fuzzy cat trapped inside a glass plate. Even though you don't always buy these items they make thrift shopping so fun and it's a great snap chat or instagram post!

Do you love collecting something? Thimbles, tea cups, art work? Chances are if you collect something than somebody else did too, and it is now on the shelves of your thrift store. Right now my obsession is with all things brass. I've had to settle down a little bit but I'm still drawn to the little collection on the shelf when I visit my favorite stores. Remember that even though you collect something don't just buy it because it's a $1 - buy it because you love the piece and it would fit perfectly in your home! 

Glassware in my opinion is one of the all-time best things to buy at a thrift store. Need wine glasses? Pay 50 cents instead of 5 dollars. Wash them and they are brand new. Having an awesome 60's birthday party? Use real vintage glassware! 

Your favorite color is pink? You have a yellow themed guest room? Colors draw you to decor and clothing and should draw you in a thrift store! My favorite home color right now is blue - anything blue I am drawn to right now. Blue vase? Get in my basket. Blue frame? Get on my shelf. Whatever your favorite color is look for it at your thrift store! 

Lets talk clothes. They can be a scary thing at a thrift store. Some people avoid these racks all together, and some people could spend hours looking at every item. Clearly it's easier to walk into a department store or retail store and see everything all laid out and pretty and in every size. But can you get those clothes for $2. Nope. So if you're on the hunt and you have time to spare take the risk and look at the clothes rack! I go immediately through the dresses and jeans. You would be AMAZED at how many brand new clothing items most stores have. Or if not new - barely used. Just look for the brands! When you see a brand you know then it means it is a quality item that lasted someone a little while and will last with you too. 

My favorite thing about buying jeans a little used is that how they fit are how they are always going to fit. When you buy brand new jeans you risk them shrinking, stretching, or fading, with slightly used you know they are going to fit this way after a couple of washes. This weekend I found this fabulous pair of vintage washed Joe's brand jeans. This style originally is $179 and I picked them up for $4.50. Even if I wear these jeans twice it will be worth it! So excited for this color for the fall too.

 So next time you walk into at thrift store and walk past the clothing section give it a chance, you might surprise yourself! 

This weekend my fabulous friend Jen came in and I took her to some of my favorites here in Lubbock and definitely found some steals! My new Joe's jeans, a barely used Ann Taylor Shift dress for $5, more books for my bookshelf and a vintage tubberware bowl for $2 that are selling for up to $20 at antique stores! 

So Happy National Thrift Shop Day - go out and find your own treasures! 

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