Friday, December 13, 2013

A Very Berry Christmas

Oh Christmas. This Christmas has been one for the books.. surrounded by new friends and loved ones, but yet the first Christmas we are not near our family. Growing up means having a pinterest board with your mom of your Christmas list instead of going shopping all year round and "picking things out." Growing up isn't as fun. But it is fun when your husband lets you pick you your very own lovely Christmas tree! Our tree in our apartment last year was free from one of the retirement homes I worked at and let me tell ya, it's probably older than our oldest resident. Each limb would fall out at random times throughout the day. Any hoo so this year I got to pick out a tree and I chose a beautiful slim 7.5 ft "real looking" tree at Target (25% off baby!), and I LOVE it! It's the perfect size for our house! I obviously couldn't wait to decorate so we decorated the tree on the Saturday before Thanksgiving *(all you judgers out there GO AWAY) and it was magical.

1. We were in our new plaid onesies.
2. We watched White Christmas
3. We drank hot chocolate
4. It started SNOWING OUTSIDE.

Even you "it's illegal to put up your tree before Thanksgiving" people can't argue that's a perfect tree decorating day. And when we came back from Thanksgiving on December 1st it was all ready to go!

 Check out some of our holly jolly holiday decor below and let me know what you think!

Thanks Dad for making our porch wreath bow! 

Obviously the china had to be decorated for Christmas too! 

Our tree!!! Want to guess which ornaments are Chuck's and I's favorite? Answers below! 

Love wrapping my presents with these little ornaments  - it's like two presents for the price of one! 

This little anthro reindeer is a first place tie for my favorite ornament... 

The glitter deer head is the what is tied with reindeer for favorite ornament! 

The puppy with the scarf win's Chuck's heart as his favorite ornament! 

Love that I have a chimney this year for the stockings instead of hanging them off our tv stand! 

LOVE our stockings! An etsy purchase last year. Obviously Ranger had to have a matching one this year... 

Found these stocking holders at a thrift store in town - aren't they amazing??

A Christmas Wreath! 70% off at Hobby Lobby last year and I've been anxiously waiting a whole year to hang it up! 

 "When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy."

Matthew 2:10

A very Merry Christmas season to you and yours!

- Hailey 

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