Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What a Lovely Day to Move

Well I guess it's better later than never! Kuddos to anyone who has posted about their moving day the week after a move, you are a hero.

Our "official" moving day was June 2nd, a beautiful, breezy day. Isn't it weird how you can't really ever decide if you are excited about moving day or dreading it? Luckily for this little lady I have amazing family and a cute husband that packed up everything and hauled it here since I had to start my job!

The day went well and there really isn't too much to say in words other than: GET A PUPPY SITTER WHEN YOU ARE MOVING. He's a cutie but I'm surprised he didn't have to get a puppy cast after how many times we stepped on his paws.

So here's what you want.. pictures of our PRE- Move and PRE-wood floors place ... AFTER move pictures coming as soon as I find my hammer and nails!

Come on in through our freshly painted red door! 

Dining Room 

Master Bath - Yes it's a dark dungeon right now.. 

Hallway to three bedrooms and two baths! 

LOVING the openness! 


And finally... the little character piece of our home that made me fall in love with it! Excited to show pictures of the semi- filled shelves and cabinets :) 

Moving Day Outfits! Thanks Jen Malloy! 

Biggest truck possible and 3 vehicles later... we are MOVED IN! 

Next up... Putting in flooring! (That was fun...)

- Hailey 

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